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I got a call form 201-351-7760. I knew who they were because they have called several times before. I went along with their game this time and recorded the entire conversation. The person on the line did not say what company they were with but asked me if I was interested in receiving a free $100.00 gift card for Walmart-Amazon-Target. I played along and said sure that sounds like a good deal. He asked my first and last name of which I gave him a made up name. Then he asked me for my e-mail address of which I gave him a phony one. Then he asked me he had some offers for health insurance and would I be interested in talking to a rep. That's when I dropped the bomb on him. I said, "Your name is Paul, right? Well guess what Paul I have your number and I am filing a complaint with the FCC at . And his number was being reported to and and they are in violation of the Federal Do Not Call List. He started laughing hysterically and I said, go ahead and laugh M--er F--ker the jokes on you and I hung up. I like playing with these assholes and waste their time. If you get a call from them tell them they are had and have been reported to the FCC , and FTC. See how long they laugh now.
Repeatedly calling re Diabetic meters. Claimed he was not selling anything. But later when I demanded to know who he was and to be taken off the list told me that they already have my address and pin number. Who will stop this creep.
On 4/4/14, I received a phone called from the number 202-351-7760, offering me a $100 gift card to Walmart, Target, or Amazon, as well. I quickly told the person that I wasn't interested in receiving any free gift cards and to take my number off their mailing list. I also told them that I knew that this was a scam and if they called again that I would report them to the local authorities. Approximately five minutes later they called back but this time they said that they were from Windows Support Center, and that my computer was experiencing error messages and they could fix it. I immediately told them that I knew that they were a scam and not to call me anymore and that I was immediately reporting them to the Federal Trade Commission. So far I haven't heard back from them today.
got a call from that number the person on the line was a muslum . Told them to get the fuck off my line you fucking raghead nigger.
I received a call from this number on 3/4/2014 at 6:20 p.m. At first there was a silent pause, then an Asian voice came on and asked me if I was the owner of (he called out the number). I told him I was not the owner and asked who he is. He hung up on me.
I got a call from this number. I got a man telling me he was from Windown Tech Support and that my computer had been "sending signals for 3 weeks". I promptly hung up and Googled the number. FRAUD ALERT!!
Called was rec'd at 10:18AM (PST) and this number is from Hackensack, NJ. I don't know anybody in NJ. If you have a smart phone and do not know the number, don't answer. If they know you, the caller will leave you a VM for you to call back. A lot of SCAM through the phone. Be alert!
Got a call from this number on I-Phone but did answer as it's unknown to me. I block this number for good. I have been getting calls from unknown numbers which I don't normally answer and then block them.
Received a call from this number this afternoon. They claimed to be Windows Tech Support. The said my computer had viruses, and tried to get me to do things to give them access to my computer to "fix" them. Windows tech support never does this. This is fraud. I reported them to the Federal Trade Commission and the Internet Crime Complaint Center, and you should too!
A woman who spoke very poor English said she was calling from Windows about my computer. I told her "Oh you can just forget that! I don't own a computer. So guess what - we are both liars.
I'm getting this call on my work number now the past 2 days. I haven't been here to pick up and no voicemail left.
3rd Call. Calls around 2pm. I also don't answer unless I know who it is. AGREE: "DO NOT CALL LIST" IS A JOKE. Call went to my answering and all I heard was some heavy breathing.
I always check caller ID before I answer anymore. Someone from this number called 5 times yesterday afternoon between 2:00-5:00pm. No message left on answering machine. I wish the feds could do something about this. The no-call list does not work. I have been on the NCL since it started and there are more solicitors, scams and bogus calls than before the list. We need a badass superhero to wipe out these chumps....because the federal government doesn't look out the average American anymore.
Scam. They call my answering machine a lot and hang up. One time I asked them to take me off their calling list and they hung up. Another time I got to talk to them... Offered a "Free" $100 gift card to Walmart or Amazon or Target and a free trial to sidekick TV (whatever that is), if I give them my credit card number to pay" $6.99 shipping." Yeah right. Scammers. Reported to FTC.

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